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Optical Illusions That'll Fool You Every Time!

No, you're not tired and no, you don't need to change your glasses - you're just about to experience some fun optical illusions that have nothing to do with fooling your eyes and everything to do with fooling your brain!

You see, our brains don't want to have to process ALL the visual stimuli we see all the time, so they use shortcuts to make snap decisions about colors, shapes and other visual cues we see during our day. While this is very handy, it also leaves room to easily 'trick' the brain into seeing things that are just not there!

Stare at the black cross, and slowly the blank spaces will become green. 


optical illusion


When you focus your eyes above this line, the black and white dots will look like they are rotating clockwise.

optical illusion

Keep your eyes on the green dot and the yellow ones will soon disappear. 


Keep your eyes on the black dot and the grey strip will turn blue. 


The famous Penrose triangle is an impossible figure. Don't look too long, it may drive you insane.


Not making it any clearer...

optical illusion


Is this a painting of cats or of birds


Which way is this train going?
optical illusion


These yellow and blue blocks look like they’re stepping alternately over the stripes.


These blue lines look like they’re moving in pairs. 
Where does the extra square in this triangle go? 
optical illusions


Look at this black dot and see the outlines filled in with color. 
optical illusions
Can you see the dark bands appearing as the concentric circles pass over each other?
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