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21 Money Saving Ways to Stay Warm at Home

 Are you tired of paying steep utility bills because the heater was on for the majority of the winter season? There are many ways to cut corners to avoid the expensive bills at the end of the month. You won't believe how simple most of these DIY tips actually are! Save a little extra with these 21 cost efficient solutions:

1) Bundle Up at Home
If you're feeling cold at home, just reach for a few more layers of clothing. Instead of turning up the heat, wear an extra sweater or jacket. You can even drape yourself in a blanket for extra warmth. 
2) Cuddle Up with Your Loved One


Snuggle up with your loved one underneath the covers. Your body heat should help keep you warm. 

3) Bake Something! 


The holiday season is the perfect time to test your baking skills. You can whip up a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies, bake an apple pie or some banana nut muffins, and stay warm at the same time. The delicious aromas are always a plus too!

4) Place a Panel of Aluminum Foil Behind Radiators 


Aluminum foil has many practical uses. One of the uses is to stay warm, by placing a panel of the shiny foil behind the radiators or wall mounted heaters. The foil reflects more heat back into the room and prevents it from leaving the rooms of the house. 

5) Thick Curtains Prevent Heat from Escaping at Night 


Heat leaves the room quicker than you can imagine. You don't even have to spend a penny on brand new curtains either. You can take old blankets or bed sheets and hang them up to prevent the heat from escaping. 

6) Try a Little Bubble Wrap Insulation


A couple of extra sheets of bubble wrap can be applied to prevent heat from escaping through windows. You're going to need an Exacto knife, a spray bottle and a few sheets of bubble wrap. Begin by spraying the windows with the bottle spray, before jamming the wrap against the windows. Use the knife to remove any excess wrap and voila!  

7) Use Caulk to Trap the Heat Inside 


Keep warm by caulking all the cracks that let air out along the window frames. You can purchase an entire tube of caulk for less than $10 at your local hardware store. If you're unfamiliar with the caulking process, just ask a friendly neighbor or friend. 

8) Reverse the Direction of the Ceiling Fans


Did you know that you can save money by simply reversing the ceiling fans? The reversal process of the fan allows for warm air to flow all throughout the rooms, saving you a few extra dollars at the end of the month on utility bills. 

9) DIY Candle Space Heater 


You can make your own mini heater by using a couple of ceramic flower pots. The ceramic surface acts as a natural heater, trapping the heat inside the rooms. Click here for a more comprehensive tutorial.

10) Program Your Thermostat 


The last thing you want to do is to keep your thermostat running when you're not at home. You can avoid the excess utility charges by simply programming your thermostat to 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 Celsius) at night and to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius) when you're at home. You can save nearly 10% extra on your heating bill at the end of the month this way. 

11) Try Using Chimney Balloons 


Chimney balloons are used to prevent outside drafts from entering your house. They are also reusable and removable, making them very practical as well. 

12) Keep Your Laundry Air Dried 


Air drying your clothing increases humidity, which helps provide you with a natural warmth. You won't need to turn on the electric dryer for longer periods of time either. You can drastically reduce the electric bill by allowing your clothes to dry out naturally.   

13) Drink Something Hot


Keep yourself warm by sipping a hot beverage when you feel chilly at home. The hot temperature will ensure that you remain warm on the inside, whether you prefer a nice hot cup of cocoa, coffee, tea or a fresh bowl of chicken soup. 

14) Wrap a Warm Blanket Around the Water Heater Tank


A good way to conserve energy and reduce utility bills is to insulate the water heater tank in the basement. An old blanket that you don't use can help keep your tank thoroughly insulated, and save you an additional 5% on your bill. 

15) Keep the Hot Water Pipes Thoroughly Insulated


Keep the pipes warm and insulated, in order to prevent heat loss. The concept saves energy, similar to the water heater tip. The good news is that you also won't have to wait around for the water to get hot before you take a shower. Here is a helpful DIY tutorial you can easily follow.  

16) Use Rugs to Cover the Cold Floor Boards


There's nothing worse than getting cold feet. Add a few rugs throughout various parts of your home if you don't have carpeting. The rugs also add extra layers of insulation, blocking out the cold air beneath the floor boards. You should always walk around the house with warm slippers in any case. 

17) Use Leftover Pipe Foam to Protect Against Drafts


Don't throw that extra foam into the trash can just yet! The excess pipe foam can be used to block those chilly winds from entering your house. You can use this heat-trapping technique for each room in the house as well. 

18) Weather Stripping Method 

Weather stripping is an ideal way to keep heat from escaping window and door gaps around the premises. You can save as much as 15% on your energy bills through weather stripping. Here is a simple page-by-page tutorial you can follow to keep your home well insulated

19) DIY Bed Warmer 


Electric blankets may help reduce the cold, but they can also be very costly. You can grab a few old bed sheets to keep your mattress nice and warm. Follow the DIY bed warmer tutorial here.

20) Open the Curtains in the Morning 


Nature provides us with free heat, in the form of sunlight. The window glass allows the light to enter your room. The heat is then reflected off the furniture and walls, providing you with plenty of warmth. So, go ahead, pull down the shades and curtains, and soak in the natural sunlight! 

21) Sleep with a Hot Water Bottle 


A hot water bottle can be used either below the pillow or slightly above it. Enjoy a warm night's sleep, just like the cute little cat in the picture is doing. 


(H/T: distractify.com)

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