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Game: It's Raining Candy!

A new puzzle to solve? Sign me up! In this colorful and beautiful puzzle game your objective is to combine as many candies at the same time to wipe out rows of sweets. It gets harder the more you play, so try to think ahead! 
Game instructions

Click here to play in FULL SCREEN


How to Play:

~  To start, click on the play play button 

~ Click on level 1.

~ Your objective is to get the number of points shown above by getting 3 or more sweets of the same color to combine. To do this, click on one of the sweets with your left mouse button and move it in the direction of the sweet you want to exchange it with. They will trade places.

game help

~ On top, you'll see 3 symbols. From left to right, the first shows you how many points you've scored this level, the second tells you how many turns you still have to go in this level, and the third tells you how many points you need to achieve to finish the level.


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