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Game: Moving Puzzles!

 I LOVE puzzles, and can get lost for hours in the act of putting together a whole photo from many little pieces. I never really thought to improve on the regular 2 dimensional puzzle, but this game found a way! Instead of putting together a picture, you're putting together a moving picture, which makes the whole thing more challenging and a lot more fun!

How to Play: Just click on the green play symbol button on the lower part of the screen. You'll be taken to choosing a stage, the only ones you are allowed to pick are the ones in color. Then to play just click on a piece of puzzle, drag it to the desired location on the puzzle map and release the button to place the piece. There is also a pause button, located on the top left corner, and an icon to stop the game music located on the top right corner.


Click Here to play the game in FULL SCREEN

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