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Game: Pudding Land

This cute and fun game has me spending hours with a stupid grin on my face. It's funny, challenging and just pure, unadulterated fun. How many of these funny wiggling puddings do you think you can make disappear? This game, inspired by the famous "Diamond Dash" game, tasks you to combine three or more puddings of the same color. You can get special puddings as a reward, or special bonus items that help you convert more puddings to the same color or clear more in one swoop. So enjoy 30+ levels of colorful, pudding-filled fun!

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How to play
~Your objective is to generate enough points to get to your target amount for the level (seen in the photo below). To win these points, you need to click on groups of puddings of the same color to clear them. The target bar will start to fill up as you win more and more points.

~You also have a limited number of moves to make to achieve this target (shown in the field left of the target).

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