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Flu-Fighting Tips for Every Room in Your Home

When somebody in the family comes down with the flu, all it takes is a couple of hours for the virus to spread. But this helpful guide will help stop germs in their tracks, keeping everyone at home healthy and flu-free.


From the kitchen to the bathroom, keep illness at bay with these room-specific strategies and prevention tips.


In the kitchen


Did you know that 60 percent of refrigerator handles, drawer knobs, and light switches test positive for the flu virus in a home when one person in the family is sick? And, to top it all off, the virus can live for up to three days! So, keep germs from spreading by wiping down these hot spots and other frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant.


In the bedroom


When someone in the family is sick, keep germs from spreading by washing your bedding daily and tumble dry on high heat. On this note, even though the linens may contain germs, it's okay to mix it with the rest of your family's laundry when in the wash. Alternatively, if your spouse is feeling under the weather, sleeping in a separate bed may feel unkind, but it's your best defense against the flu.


In the bathroom


Keeping the lid of the toilet closed when a family member is sick is essential. When you have a viral infection, the organisms are in your stool. And as unpleasant as it may sound, when you flush, germs are spat into the air, potentially contaminating nearby bathroom countertops, hand towels, and toothbrushes. But putting the toilet lid down before you flush ought to keep things in your bathroom germ-free.


In the dining room


When someone in the family is feeling under the weather, serve cranberry juice. Research shows that people who sipped about 8 ounces of cranberry juice daily for 10 days saw a boost in their immune cells, helping to diminish cold and flu symptoms. The juice is known to contain polyphenols (abundant micro-nutrients, known to prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer) which has also been shown to support a healthy heart. 

In the foyer


Keep hand sanitizer on your entryway table, serving as a reminder to clean your hands upon walking through the door. Studies show that over 80 percent of common infections are spread through contaminated hands, so using a hand sanitizer, even if it's just once a day, can seriously reduce your risk of getting sick.

Airing out a room is also important when someone at home is feeling a little unwell. Opening a window, even if it's just for an hour, will help cleanse the air, allowing fresh oxygen to come in - making everyone at home feel much better.


In the living room


Be sure to clean your remote controls with disinfectant to remove any germs. And be sure to give all doorknobs a wipe too - they tend to be a germ hot spot.


In the study


It may surprise you to discover that your workspace harbors 400 times more bacteria than your toilet. Whenever possible, be sure to use a disinfectant wipe to clean your desk and appliances like your phone and keyboard, at least once a week.


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