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Play Our Game: Matt vs. Math

You think counting to 3 is easy? Wait to see how this game can make you either fall in love with math again or tear your hair out in frustration. One thing's for sure, it's a great mental exercise. Kudos for anyone who passes me (I made it to the 9th level). Don't worry though, you won't have to do the whole thing over again! So I'm pretty sure today is the day I see level 10.

How to start: Wait for the initial video to play and then click on the big play button in the middle. Then click on the first level to start playing.

How to play: Easy! All you need to do is answer the simple math question in front of you in the allotted time. Beware though, this game starts easy, but gets harder to keep up with! 

Click here to play in FULL SCREEN 

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