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Tower Mania – How Tall Can You Get?

In this game you need to build the tallest tower you can, and all you have to do is place each level on top of the other. The challenge is that every time you place a level atop another one, any part of it that is offside will fall off, leaving you with smaller and smaller levels. Eventually, you will be left with such small levels that you’ll miss and have to start all over again. If you remain patient and place the bricks perfectly, you will be rewarded with gold coins, which you can use to open up new levels.

Press here to read the instructions

Please allow the game to fully load




To place a level, you need to click the left mouse button once. Whenever you place a level off-center of the previous one, you’ll lose the part that exceeds the previous one. The more of the level you lose, the harder it becomes to lay the next one. If you’re playing this from your smart phone, just tap the screen to lay a brick.

Click on temp to begin a new game.

Select the tower you wish to build. The more coins you earn, the more towers you can open up and play.

Every time you restart a game, you can use the coins you’ve collected to buy boosts and abilities.




  • Using temp you get a head start that allows you to build upwards faster.
  • Using temp you can get double the coins you got before.
  • Using temp you can get a platform that will help you lay the smaller levels.

Every time you strike out, click on temp to restart.

If you strike out but wish to continue, you can click on temp and use 1000 coins to buy another chance and restart from the last spot you were in. 

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