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Most Filling Foods For Your Diet

If you are trying to lose weight, the first thing you have to consider is whether the food you are eating is keeping you full enough for a while. This way, you wouldn't need to snack so often. Another thing you would need to consider is whether what you are eating has a high calorie count. As you might know, the amount of calories in food do not necessarily have to do with portion size - certain foods contain less calories than others (and these are not only fruit, as you may believe).

Here's a list of the top 8 foods that are proven to be the most filling, while providing a low calorie count. The items are listed in order of the amount of calories per 100g of food, with the last one having the least amount of calories. 


1. Popcorn

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count
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Calories: 375 per 100g

Of course, the healthiest popcorn is not the one you get at the movie theater - it's the more natural, air-popped, butter-free one. Because it has quite a large surface area, and contains a lot of fiber, popcorn will fill you up more than a packet potato chips. If you want a filling, quick and healthy snack, this should be at the top of your list.

Tip: Sprinkle your popcorn with some red pepper before eating - this is said to help make you feel even fuller. 


2. Eggs

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: 155 per 100g

Eggs are not only very filling, they're also packed with nutrients, proteins, and 9 amino acids that are essential for our body. Eating these for breakfast (including the yolk, which is very nutritious) is said to be ideal, as they are more filling than a bagel and result in less calorie intake in the 36 hours after. 

Tip: Take a sliced egg with added salt and pepper and sprinkled paprika for the ultimate filling food snack or breakfast serving.


3. Figs

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: 107 per 100g

Feel like eating something sweet that is filling at the same time? Snack on figs! This fruit is a fantastic source of fiber, which is dense and filling, meaning that it will keep hunger at bay for longer. It offers natural sweetness, together with so many other nutrients that compliment a healthy diet. 


4. Cottage cheese

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: 98 per 100g

Cottage cheese is both delicious and low in fat, making it a perfect between-meals snack or side snack. It is also very versatile, it can go well with sweet fruit like strawberries, and also with vegetables like celery, or nuts and oats. Half a cup of this cheese contains an impressive 11.7 grams of lean protein and just 4.5 grams of fat!

Tip: Prepare cottage cheese topped with some blueberries, and an optional spoonful of honey.


5. Potatoes

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: 77 per 100g

Although potatoes are often shunned because of their high levels of starch, they are actually fantastically filling , and are a great source of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. Compared to other foods like whole-wheat bread and brown rice, people used as subjects in a study, claimed that they felt fuller for longer after eating boiled potatoes. 

Tip: Eat them boiled, grilled, or baked, but not fried - and don't forget to leave the skin on for even more fullness!


6. Greek yogurt

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: 59 per 100g

Greek yogurt is considered the single best food proven for weight loss, according to Harvard researchers, as people who have tried it said to have seen very effective results. It is widely preferred over regular yogurt because it contains less whey, less sugar, and twice as much protein. Apart from that, Greek yogurt is said to balance blood sugar, so it can keep your appetite satisfied for longer. 

Tip: Add some fibrous fruit to your Greek yogurt such as raspberries, vegetables such as carrots, or opt for some cereal or almonds.

7. Beans

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: Depends on the type of bean: 

  • Baked beans - 155 per 100g
  • Green peas - 81 per 100g
  • Green beans - 31 per 100g

Beans are loaded with water, which gives them a heavy consistency and makes them perfect tummy fillers. What also contributes to this advantage is their high amounts of fiber and starch, which slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Beans are also extremely beneficial for your heart's health, digestive system and cholesterol control. Get into the habit of adding these to your meals, especially green beans, which are surprisingly low in calories!

Tip: Use beans for bean soups, or if you're not a fan of this, add them as a topping to your salad or sandwich.


8. Watermelon

Top 8 Most Filling Food in Order of Calorie Count

Calories: 30 per 100g

The most filling food that also has the lowest calorie count must be watermelon. This juicy and irresistible fruit's content is packed with water, as well as fiber, which leaves you feeling full for a good stretch of time. Apart from that, watermelon is also loaded with Vitamin C, and it's delicious - what beats that? Reach out for some slices of watermelon when hunger strikes for full satiation.

Tip: Snack on 2 cups of diced watermelon  to provide yourself with half the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. You may even want to prepare one cup combined with some dices of reduced-fat feta cheese and 1 teaspoon of chopped mint, for one satisfying treat.



H/T: Cheatsheet.com |Abcnews.go.com | Sparkpeople.com 

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