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10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

The average brain is said to process about 60,000 thoughts per day - and that's a mind boggling amount of thinking! But it's not like all those thoughts are new information. In fact, the opposite is true, and around 90% of the thoughts your brain processes every day will be repeated. Human brains actually learn best via repetition so the best way to get into good habits is by practice and reinforcement. It makes sense to repeat some thought processes that can positively effect your mood and personality.

One of the best ways you can establish mental habits that positively effect your life is to repeatedly ask yourself questions that reinforce positive thinking.  You just need to choose the right questions that push the right buttons!


Why Are Questions So Powerful?

Questions are one of the most powerful tools you have, although you might not always realize it. For example, have you ever noticed how frustrating it is to have an unanswered question nagging at your conscience?

Whether it's that name you couldn't recall from years ago or something you knew you were meant to remind someone to do, you will often demand of yourself 'what was I supposed to remember?!' It may be that your brain comes up with the answer to these hanging questions when you are least expecting it - possibly even as you are drifting off to sleep and have long stopped directly thinking about the matter at hand.

So how did you manage to come up with the answer to the nagging question when you weren't thinking about it? Well, just because you have stopped actively seeking a solution, your brain has not. It is predisposed to work on your behalf and raid your subconscious until it finds the solution.

How Can You Harness the Power of Questions in Your Life?

This persistence can be harnessed and become a powerful tool in directing your journey towards emotional well being. If your brain is so persistent and adept in seeking responses to questions, then why not ask it to search for the answers to questions that can effect and empower your life? And as it learns via repetition, why not ask it those questions habitually?

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Add these 10 quick 'check-in' questions to your life regularly and you can take control of your mind and live a positive life!


1. What do I have in my life that makes me really proud?

We have all achieved plenty, even though we sometimes fail to acknowledge it. Train your brain to appreciate your own achievements by asking this question regularly to remind yourself of your own accomplishments. There will be lots of different answers to this question - whether it's your children, marriage, career or small achievements that may not be massively recognized by a wider audience but are important to you, train your brain to keep them at the forefront of your thinking.


2. Who do I love, and why do I love them?

It goes without saying that love is an incredibly important and powerful human emotion. Whether it's platonic love, the love for a partner, or the love for family, learn to keep the faces of those you love close and regularly remember good times you shared together, and times they made you smile.


3. What amazing, impressive or beautiful things can I see in my current line of vision?

This is a great question to keep in your armory for times of boredom or nerves. If you are waiting in line, or heading to a meeting or event that makes you anxious, ask yourself what is beautiful around you. Make answering this question a game, you will be surprised how it can lift your mood. Look to nature of course, but there is plenty of beauty in human design too, or even in your own reflection.


4. How did I become so fortunate?

It's human nature to dwell on the negative all the time. 'Why always me?' and 'How can I always be so unlucky?' are questions you have probably asked yourself in the past. But the truth is, the world is not conspiring against you and a flip in your thinking can give you a whole new outlook on life. Turn these questions around and ask 'how did I become so fortunate?' - appreciate the things you can be grateful for and make your own luck. Gratitude is a powerful way to add a dose of happy to your life and banish feelings of anger or frustration.

5. What if this was the last time...?

We all know the age old philosophical principle of 'living every day as if it's your last', but this idea should not be reduced to mere cliché. When you speak to a family member or loved one, ask yourself if you would be happy with what you have said to them if it was the last conversation you ever had with them. If you have a free day, ask yourself if you made the most of it to the point where you would be content if it was the last day you ever experienced.


6. What are the three most positive things that have happened to me recently?

If you are living through a bad day, or a rough period in your life, it may feel like everything that could go wrong, is going wrong. In reality, though, there will be plenty of good things going on in your life. Get into the habit of asking yourself this question to recall those events and moments that made you happy or effected your life positively. Answering this question is a great way to make the world seem like a brighter place.


7. What can be great about today?

This a really simple question that can have a big impact, but perhaps more than any of the others, it is one that you need to ask yourself habitually. Try and add it to your daily routine at a specific time that coincides with something you do in the morning. You could ask it while brushing your teeth, or as you pull off the driveway to head to work - whatever works best for you. Once you have established those positives, you will naturally follow them for the rest of the day. You can think your way to a happy day!


8. How can I bring joy to my personal relationships?

Our relationships with our fellow humans are hugely important to our overall sense of well being, but people often confuse being 'right' with being a happy or successful person. You can express your own opinion without seeking out confrontation, accept that people may have a different point of view and just concentrate on enjoying their company. Always look for people's good points before you seek out their flaws - every person has both, but you will be much happier if you look to make a friend rather than a foe. The more you pass on your own personality to others and make them smile, the better you will feel.


9. What can I do today that can shape my future in exciting ways?

You should never lose sight of the future, particularly if you are having a bad day. Bad days and weeks don't last forever, even if it sometimes feels that way. So if you are experiencing a lull, concentrate on a period when the lull will be over. Ask yourself what you can do today to bring that future closer, or shape it to be how you want it. Concentrate on exciting times ahead and how you will feel when you get to experience them - there is always something to look forward to.


10. What am I passionate about?

This questions explores the difference between two very different emotions that can often be used to motivate us - passion and fear. You should always try and draw motivation from passion rather than fear - passion is born from optimism, energy and gratitude, while fear relates to judgment, resentment and guilt. Try to be led by your passion rather than pushed by fear - answer this question regularly.


H/T completedthoughts.com and self.com

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