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To You: Wise Words about Your Outlook on Life

 Life is full of memories. Some are pleasant, others dull. However, patched together, all of our memories make us the people we are. Only some of them are simply more worthy of keeping than others. While some things are kind and crucial to remember, others are better stored with our life lessons and experiences. Reflect on this while reading this beautiful, wisdom-filled poem which says so much in only a few words.


Forget each kindness that you do
As soon as you have done it. 

Forget the praise that falls to you
The moment you have won it.

Forget the slander that you hear
Before you can repeat it.


Forget each slight, each spite, each sheer,
Wherever you may meet it.

  outlook on life


Remember every kindness done
To you, whatever its measure.

Remember praise by others won
And pass it on with pleasure.

Remember every promise made
And keep it to the letter.

Remember those who lend you aid
And be a grateful debtor. 

  outlook on life  

Remember all the happiness 
That comes your way in living.

Forget each worry and distress;
Be hopeful and forgiving.

Remember good, remember truth,
In whatever you say or do.

outlook on life  

And you will find, through age and youth,
True joys and hearts to love you.

  outlook on life  

Allow yourself to share the truth,

If it's wise just spread it out,

So you, my friend, can value it

Whenever you're in doubt.


Poem by Priscilla Leonard on wow4u.com 

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