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The Nostalgia Machine - Music From Your Childhood.

There is nothing more nostalgic to me than music. I will never forget the song that played at my first dance and the songs I played for my children when they were young. The Nostalgia Machine is a great website that took me back to all those wonderful songs from my past, and it's so easy and fun to use I've already spent countless hours on it.


To enter the site just click here or on the pictures above or below. You only need to do 2 simple things: Choose the year of the music you want to listen to, and click "Hit me!" A list of all the greatest hits form that year will open up, each with its own video. Just click on the song you want to listen to and then press play. You can change the year at the top of the page at any time, and you can do so as many times as you want.

Have fun!

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