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The Power of Words

We are often unaware that what one of the greatest gifts we could ever have been given is the gift of words. It is not something we're born with, but it's something that defines us as human beings. We learn language throughout our lives, and never stop because we are born with the power of speech. If one is unable to speak, then he can use words in writing, which is just as powerful. But what are words after all? Can you imagine our life without them? Just think about it for a second...

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Words are...an expression of emotions. 

They have a power we might not even be aware of.

The first word spoken by a human being brings joy, pride, and leaves an impact forever.

The lack of it brings worry.


Words are...countless.

They come in more than 6,000 different languages, spoken in every corner of the world.

There's no common language that unites us all, but we all speak words. And nothing carries more meaning than words. 

They are spoken by both commoners and rulers; both children and adults; both men and women; both black and white.


Words are...wise. They have to be well-chosen because the effect they can leave is indescribable. And unforgettable. 

Words build. Words break.

Words unite. Words teach.

Words control. Words affect.


Words are...beautiful. They are lyrics of inspiring pieces of music. They form parts of outstanding pieces of literature.

Words make books. They inspire us, change us.


Words are...memories. They are writable, storable, portable, sendable.

They can send chills down your spine. They can reduce you to tears.

Nothing brings nostalgia better than with words.


Words are...decisions. They can express our wants, needs, dreams, and burdens.

Words divide. Words hurt.

Words console. Words persuade.

Words are a window to our feelings.

Words write the Book of Life of each one of us.

It's up to you what to write on each and every page...
So then, you can enjoy the read.




Watch the following inspirational video to see how words can bring change and make the slightest difference:


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