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Touching & Hilarious Animated Videos

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, which means that moving pictures are worth a thousand times more. These 9 short animations are wonderful modern tales that carry a lovely message and deliver it with a smile.


Once Upon a Starfish

When we think of stars, we usually imagine the ones you see twinkling at night, and that’s what our heroine thought too. The problem is that reality can be confusing for a young girl, which leads to her adorably innocent and hilarious attempts to help her “star” back to the sky.



Reviving Redwood

Time stops for no one, and as it passes, it brings on many changes. When our protagonist’s town was finally empty, and he was the last resident left, he decides to leave as well. As he packs his belongings and heads out, he decides to do one final act that will breathe life into his beloved, dying town...



L'Americano Returns

When our hero returns home, guitar in hand and a song in his heart, he is surprised and saddened to find out that his town has changed a lot since he left. He gets in trouble with the law and sinks into a deep depression, but luckily, the townsfolk unite to cheer him up and undo the harsh laws imposed on them.



Partly Cloudy

We all know the old tale of how storks deliver babies but have you ever wondered where they were getting those babies from? This lovely Disney animation claims that the answer is the clouds themselves, where each cloud has its very own stork. Watch this heartwarming and hilarious story of the unfortunate duo tasked with delivering the more “difficult” babies…




You probably know that when mantises mate, the female ends up eating the male, but our hero had no idea. When he finally discovers the bitter truth, he picks up and runs for the hills, but when the female finally catches up to him, something miraculous happens.




Far away in outer space there is a planet where everyone is the same. Only one child dares to be different and special, a thing that causes quite a stir and bothers his parents greatly. They send him to specialists who examine and treat him for being different and everyone thinks that the issue is resolved. The truth is a little different from what you’d think, with a valuable lesson about how we treat our own children too.



Death Sails

When death comes to collect a pirate’s soul, he realizes that there’s still a few moments left, so he decides to play around with the pirate’s treasure. The pirate, of course, will have none of that, but everything changes when a third character joins them and everything becomes a series of hilarious accidents



Sweet Cocoon

Have you ever tried to fit into a pair of pants that are a couple of sizes too small? This is the struggle our caterpillar hero is facing. With a little bit of creative thinking and some help from his friends, he manages to squeeze in, only to realize it was all for naught…



Odd Sound Out

Imagine a world where everything you do has its own soundtrack, created by your little private orchestra that follows you everywhere. Now, imagine that one of the instruments is an excited little trumpet that has a hard time controlling itself. Our hero embarks on an out-of-tune musical experience to discover his purpose in life, only to find that the answer lies in a familiar place…

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