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On Old Men, Cannibals and Weddings - Great Short Jokes!

Enjoy some quick and witty jokes about old people, cannibal civilization and about the color coordination of brides and grooms in this week short joke collection!

Two old ladies sitting on a bench.

First old lady: "I think my butt is asleep!"
Second old lady: "I'm sure of it, I could hear it snoring."
An old man to his wife: "I feel ill, call me a vetrenarian!"
"Why a vetrenarian and not a doctor?" Asks his wife.
"Because I live like a dog, I work like an ox and I'm married to a cow!"


A child asks his mother during a wedding:
"Mom, why does the bride wear white?"
"Because, sweetie, it's the happiest day of her life." 
"Then why does the groom wear black?"

Two nude old ladies are walking down a nudist beach. Two old geezers squint at them as they walk by.

First geezer: "What are they wearing?"
Second geezer: "I don't know, but it could use some ironing."


A tourist is caught by cannibals. They drag him to a huge pot, throw him in and light the fire.
Then they ask for his name.
"Why do you need my name?" The bewildered victim asks.
"Why do you think?"  asked  the cannibal, "for the menu..."


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