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10 Cleaning Problems Solved

 Here at Baba-Mail, we always aim to find the best solutions to common, everyday problems and annoyances and share them with you. As an added bonus, we also get to learn and use some of them for ourselves! Compiling this collection of ten, short, quick and easy cleaning videos has taught me all sorts of new tricks.

I no longer spend precious times taking my blender apart and scrubbing it, and I now know how astonishingly easy it is to remove my dog's hair from my furniture. I am no longer having to work up a sweat scrubbing my shower head to get rid of hard water, and I'll be saving myself a few bucks by restoring my yellow pillows to their old selves. And there's loads of other tricks here too.

I hope you find these short videos as useful as I did, you might just be shocked to discover how a couple of minutes spent watching a short film can save you so much time and effort!

Simply click on an image or the link beneath it, and the video will play in the videoplayer at the top of the page


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1. Clean Hard Water From a Shower Head

Wherever I have lived, I have always ended up with limescale and hard water deposits on my shower head and it's incredibly difficult to remove by standard scrubbing. Here's how a food bag and a common household item can save you the same hassle!

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2. A Genius Trick for Cleaning a Blender

Blenders are so useful, but when you have to take one apart to clean it, and scrub in the corners between the blades, it can put you off using yours. This remarkably simple cleaning trick is the answer we were all looking for.

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3. Remove Unsightly Stains from Wood

If you have wooden furniture, you can bet that somebody will leave a hot cup on it at some point, leaving you with an ugly ring mark. Using this trick, you can remove the stains, and it only takes five minutes.


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4. The Easy Way to Pick Up Pet Hair

While our pets bring us plenty of joy, they also deposit plenty of hair or fur wherever they park themselves. If you have ever spent significant time scrubbing and picking at the hair, then you need to watch this video and make your life much simpler!

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5. Don't Throw Out Yellow Pillows!

We may rest when we sleep, but that doesn't mean that our body stops sweating. Pull your cover of the pillow and you may find you are looking at something rather yellow. But you don't need to throw it out, just use this solution to restore the pillow to a bright white.

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6. Get Rid of Yucky Kitchen Cabinet Gunk

There won't be many of you who aren't familiar with kitchen gunk. Grease and heat are a bad combination for your kitchen furniture, and it can be really tough to scrub it off. This simple, homemade trick will sort it out, without the use of harmful chemicals.

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7. Banish Upholstery Stains

We all do our best to keep our furniture clean and tidy, but the reality of life dictates that they will pick up the odd stain here and there. This video shows you how to tackle the problem with ease and efficiency. 

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8. Wipe Away Black Stains on Your Iron

Irons pick up various deposits while performing their duties - that's unavoidable. But the resulting dark spots can easily be transferred to your clothes, so it's important you get rid of them as quickly as possible. Here's a top little trick for cleaning your iron.

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9. Attack Oil Stains on Concrete

I have seen numerous methods proposed for this problem (some say a cheap cola can do the trick), but I was never sure which was best. Then I found this video - it tests four suggested solutions and shows you the results!

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10. Exterminate Nasty Carpet Stains

Carpets are trodden on all day and hugely prone to spillages and grime spots. If you have a nasty stain on a carpet or rug, follow these easy steps to banish it to history!


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