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Unmissable: 12 of the Best Floral Posts on BabaMail


If you can't get enough of our floral posts, your search ends here. In this ultimate floral posts collection, we've put together 12 of our best articles, photo-series and videos. This is a page you're going to want to save and refer back to, time and time again.

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Click to SeeThese Extraordinary Flowers, Don't Look Like Flowers At All

I would absolutely love to have my garden filled with these incredible beauties. But besides their splendor, these rare flowers are uniquely captivating. When I look at them, they remind me of something entirely different.  


Click to See Why are these Flowers the Most Expensive in the World?

You wouldn't believe just how costly some flowers are, but perhaps after seeing this incredible photo collection, you'll understand why. See for yourself, with our countdown of the 10 most expensive flowers in the world.


Click to SeeThese Exotic Flowers have Stunning Color and Form

In the words of Stefano Gabbana "To me, flowers are happiness" and this photo series of incredibly beautiful, delicate flowers will undoubtedly add some color and joy to your day. From start to finish, this post is stunning all the way! 


Click to SeeI'm So Happy To Know that Such Exotic Flowers Exist

This post is bursting with color and energy! A stunning photo collection that brings together some of the most beautiful flowers you will ever see. Looking through this post again, I couldn't believe just how striking these flowers are. 


Click to SeeTulips are Definitely some of the Most Beautiful of Flowers

Few flowers can compete with the magnificence and beauty of the timeless Tulip flower. This post is filled with some interesting facts and breathtaking photography. 


Click to See: Take a Moment to Admire these Stunning Flowers

It may surprise you to discover that looking at flowers and being surrounded by them will have an overall positive effect on your well-being. So, be sure to dedicate a few moments, and just sit back, relax and admire these pretty photos. 


Click to See: These Exotic Flowers are a Natural Wonder

If you look forward to our 'Incredible and Unusual Flowers' posts, you will love this. Complete with very unique patterns and downright weird designs, these remarkable flowers are truly a sight to behold. 


Click to SeeThese Magnificent Cherry Blossoms will take Your Breath Away

This photo collection captures these delicate pink formations magnificently, and will take you on a fairytale journey through the eye-catching world of cherry blossoms.



Click to SeeIf You Don't Think Cacti are Beautiful, Watch This

We wouldn't normally think of Cacti when pondering the most beautiful plants in the world. But this fascinating video will change all that.


Click to SeeThe British Really Know how to Put on a Flower Show

If you appreciate flowers and their natural beauty, this is a flower-themed show you don't want to miss... seriously, just have a look through these remarkable photos! 



Click to SeeThe Giving Tree: A Tree that Bears 40 Kind of Fruit

Wouldn't it be amazing, to own one tree that will bear such a wide variety of fruit? Well, one man has figured out a way. Have a read through this mind-blowing article and be sure to watch the video at the end to learn more! 


Click to See: 22 Beautiful Bonsai Trees that Demonstrate the Art

This Japanese art form involves miniature trees grown in containers. It may be surprising to note that Bonsai trees exists in hundreds of different forms, but this article takes a look at 22 spectacular examples that exemplify how diverse this art form can be. 


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