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An Inspiring Story of the Human Spirit

This gem of a story by Hawaiian-born Emily Hughes is a celebration of life and the human spirit, inspiring for all ages. The little gardener is a story about a tiny boy as big as a thumb and the seemingly insurmountable task of his passion to grow a garden. Tenderly told with vibrant illustrations, this charming and triumphant story is an allegory for purpose, for anyone fighting an uphill battle.

the little gardener
the little gardener

"This was the garden.

It didn't look like much, but it meant everything to its gardener.

It was his home.

It was his supper.

It was his joy."

the little gardener

The little gardener approaches gardening with joy and he works hard unfortunately he is not “much good at gardening” and is “just too little”.

the little gardener

Despite these setbacks, the little gardener’s labor results in one plant blossoming.

the little gardener

"It was a flower. 

It was alive and wonderful.

It gave the gardener hope and made him want to work even harder."

The gardener works day and night, determinedly taming his jungle of a garden.

Even though he worked and toiled the land, the garden starts to die, jeopardizing the gardener’s home, supper and joy.

One night, when the gardener is feeling particularly hopeless, he wishes upon the night sky. He wishes for help so that he could save his garden.

the little gardener
the little gardener

"No one heard his little voice, but someone saw his flower.

It was alive and wonderful.

It gave the someone hope.

It made the someone want to work harder."

After he makes his wish the gardener falls into a deep slumber, sleeping for days, weeks, a month.

the little gardener

While the gardener rests, his single success inspires a girl. Enchanted by the flower she begins tending the rest of the garden.

the little gardener

The gardener awakens to a transformed garden, blooming with foliage, flowers, and vegetables.

"This is the garden now.

And this is its gardener.

He doesn't look like much,

but he means everything to his garden."

the little gardener
h/t: brainpickings
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