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10 Alien-Looking Landscapes on Our Planet

 The Universe is wide and undiscovered, leaving us humans to ponder what faraway worlds might look like. However, our planet has provided us with some places that are so unique that they look like they are from another planet or the product of the most active of imaginations. These beautiful and fascinating places found right here on Earth are so bizarre that they look truly out of this world!

1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Measuring 10,582 square kilometers, the largest salt flatland on the planet stretches across Southern Bolivia, storing about half of the planet's lithium. During the wet season, a shallow covering of water sits on top of the flat, extending as far as the eye can see, and creating a natural, reflective mirror. During the dry season, the water dries up, leaving a white, cracked ground that looks otherworldly.

2. Devon Island, Canada

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Canada is home to Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world. Its landscape is often compared to Mars and scientists have even used it as a testing location for Mars rovers because of the geological similarities between the island and the red planet.

3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Yellowstone National Park has always been an extraordinary travel destination for curious tourists who want to see some spectacular sights. Its unusual geology offers erupting geysers and acidic hot springs bursting with color, making it one of the most famous parklands in the world. Although its terrain isn't very safe to walk on, paths have been purpose-built so that visitors can explore this magical site on foot.

4. Huanglong, China

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Another outstanding hot spring location is found in China. Huanglong is home to vibrant, bright-blue terraced pools of water in a breathtaking alpine setting. What is so striking about this place is the radiance of the water that is impossible to miss while you're exploring this alien paradise.

5. Valley of the Moon, Argentina

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Sitting in a remote area of Argentina, the Valley of the Moon offers a magnificent sight with its strange, large rock formations and Bochas. Bochas are stones of different sizes found throughout Central and South America, and some examples are perfectly spherical. The ones in the Valley of the Moon are all shapes and sizes, often towering over visitors and making them feel small and insignificant.

6. Death Valley, Nevada

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Death Valley is found in Nevada and stretches into California. It showcases a wide desert landscape filled with stunning geological features, such as salt flats, sand dunes, and rock formations. The sheer size of the valley gives you a sense of isolation. To further add to its mystery, it is home to the 'Sailing Stones of Death Valley'. These boulders are said to move all by themselves, leaving a trail behind them that has puzzled visitors for many years.

7. Socotra, Yemen

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
The outlandish Socotra in Yemen is known for its characteristic orange stone and an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. This includes hundreds of unique species that are only found here, such as the umbrella-shaped Socotra Dragon Blood Tree. This tree has a unique scent and color, often used in the manufacture of perfumes, soaps, paints, and varnishes. 

8. Rio Tinto, Spain

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
Rio Tinto is a river in Spain that provides further proof that this world is full of magical phenomena. Its water has a distinct red color, which is actually the result of human intervention. The area has been mined for iron since 3000 BCE, and this resulted in iron escaping into the water, turning it red and acidic.

9. Kliluk, Canada

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
This striking lake contains an outstanding number of different minerals such as magnesium sulphate, calcium, and sodium sulphates, that have been crystallized in its waters. There are also small quantities of silver and titanium. All these give the lake bizarre 'spots', each surrounded by white rims. It looks like a fairytale land from another planet. It is known as the "spotted lake".
Source: photobucket

10. Stone Forest, China

Believe It Or Not, These Places Are on Our Planet
It has often been said that the "First Wonder of the World" is actually found in China. Shilin, which translates to "Stone Forest", is a place that will leave you mesmerized. In this complex, there are a series of extraordinary karst, limestone formations that are a result of fluvial erosion. The stones have taken the shape of coniferous trees, making the place look like a mystical forest of stone trees. 

Source: Wikimedia
H/T: conservationinstitute.org

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