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Countries with the Best Weather

Traveling can be ruined by unexpected weather, spoiling all the fun you intended to have. These diverse locations cover the many different kinds of climates and are known for their consistently perfect weather. Each one is breathtaking, filled with activities that offer something everyone something to match their taste and budget. I don't know about you, but I just got some great new traveling ideas.

Ecuador: Best temperature

best weather countries

This South American destination offers a perpetual spring. Being close to the equator, no matter what time of the year you visit, you will experience sunny skies, with temperatures in the mid-70’s (low 20’s Celsius). This country offers 530 miles of coastline and is a megadiverse with over 50 different ecosystems. The country’s spectacular Cotopaxi volcano is one the most active volcanoes in the world and has erupted no less than 50 times since 1758. For a pristine example of Colonial Spanish architecture, visit the center of capital city Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Cyprus: Perfect humidity level

best weather countries

This island in the Mediterranean, offers the optimal humidity level of 50%, with sunny skies, year round warm weather and miles of the seaside. The country boasts some of the cleanest beaches in the world, with a mix of shingle, sand or pebbles. The island offers scrumptious haloumi cheese and is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. Cyprus is also a testament to various historic periods with mines from the Bronze Age, Byzantine churches, Ottoman baths, Hellenistic theaters, Roman temples, Neolithic settlements, and palaces from the Kingdom periods. 

Canary Islands: Starry skies

best weather countries

The Canary Islands is a seven-island archipelago off the north-western coast of Africa. The islands are renowned for their clear skies and weather that never drops below 60˚F/15˚C. Head to Roques de Los Muchachos. This is the prime spot for stargazing as well as the perfect place to see the natural phenomena of Mar de Nubes, (“sea of clouds”), a blanket-like collection of clouds covering the land and sea. With over 500 beaches, the Canaries regularly hold championships for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. In February, the islands hold the Santa Cruz Carnaval, lasting for two weeks and considered one of the most impressive carnivals in the world.   

Namibia: No rain

best weather countries

Breathtaking Namibia sees little rain. Port town Swakopmund has less than an inch of precipitation a year. This dry country is home to two deserts: The Kalahari and the Namib. The Sossusvlei Sand Dunes and the Quiver Tree Forest are a photographer’s wet dream, due to their exquisite contrasting colors. This country is also a self-drive destination with one of the lowest population densities. This uncrowded country makes it the perfect holiday for spotting the nation’s growing populations of lions, zebras, elephants, rhinos and springboks, thanks to its successful conservation programs. 

Brazil: Tropical

best weather countries

If you enjoy seeing endless lands of flora and fauna, Brazil’s Amazonas region is the right place for you. The best way to explore the rainforests is by boat, sailing with local guides who can show you the river bank villages and the plethora of animal and water life, including monkeys, snakes, fish, butterflies and frogs. Make sure you ask for a nighttime hike to spot all the nocturnal creatures. You can even climb one of the giant, 30-meter high Ceiba tree to spot flowers and birds you wouldn’t see from the river. Make sure to stop by Manaus, the Paris of the jungle, and visit the Meeting of the Rivers, where the dark Rio Negre meets with the cream-colored Rio Solimões. 

Democratic Republic of Congo: Least wind

best weather countries

In the heart of central Africa lies the Democratic Republic of Congo, a land with the lowest average wind speed, making it one of the calmest places on earth, weather-wise. If you love a destination that is full of adventure and rich with animal life, the DRC is IT. The impressive savannahs, woodlands and grasslands are humbling. Visit Virunga National Park, the oldest in Africa, home to thousands of mountain gorillas. The country is also home to many giraffes, hippopotamuses, and rare white rhinos. If you like volcanoes, head to Nyiragongo Volcano and see its impressive lava lake. 

Arizona: The Sun

best weather countries

Although it’s not a country, this state plays by its own rules, especially when it comes to weather. This sunny state boasts 300 days of sunshine a year. Arizona may be famous for its celebrated Grand Canyon, but has many other gorgeous sites for visitors to enjoy, including spiritual retreats and luxury spas. The state is also the location of many Wild West tales and you can relive the experience by visiting Tombstone, a well preserved frontier town. If that’s not enough history for you, there are the ancient cliff dwellings to explore as well. The Montezuma National Monument is one noteworthy example.  

Japan: Best snow

best weather countries

Japan’s unique geographic position and mountainous elevation make it one of the beautiful locations to be at when it's snowing. The blankets of white snow in Hokkaido in the Japanese Alps makes this uncrowded wintersports location an ideal destination. Visit the Snow Monkey Park and see the famous Japanese macaques. While there, you can stop at the nearby Zenko-ji Temple or visit a traditional Onsen, a hot spring that expertly combines relaxation with cuisine and culture. Visit in February to experience Sapporo's annual snow festival Yuki Matsuri, renowned for its large and intricate ice sculptures. 

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