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A Look at the Secret World of Bees

You may have already heard of this worrying global phenomenon - bees are disappearing from the world. The insects in charge of pollinating a third of our crops and creating that healthy, sweet honey we love so much are being reduced in numbers. Many studies have offered reasons for this problem, but no final conclusion has been reached.

As a way to draw attention to this issue, as well as exploring a personal passion, photographer Anand Varma shot and investigated the first 21 days in the life of a bee. The result of his project gives us a rare look into this tiny, hidden world. Below is his fascinating lecture and personal conclusions about the future of bees in our world. You can scroll down to see his now-famous video, depicting those first 21 days in the life of a bee.

Anand Varma: A look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life



The Amazing Video: 

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