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The Flying Car is Here...

We may not have any hovercars yet, but flying cars may not be something you only see in spy movies anymore. A company in Slovakia has unveiled their newest prototype of flying car and it no longer seem like science fiction. Meet the AeroMobil 3.0, the transforming car/airplane hybrid of your dreams! 


The AeroMobil can reach 160 km/h (100 mp/h) on land and 200 km/h (124 mp/h) in the air. It needs 250 meters (820 feet) to take off and 50 meters (164 feet) to land. It can land and take off from any road or grassy terrain, and best of all – it runs on gasoline, so you can stop at any gas station for a quick fill.

While there’s no official word on when the AeroMobil will be available on the market, a working prototype is the next best thing, and proves that it’s technologically possible! The only downside – you’ll need a light-aircraft license for this one…


A great demonstration video:

So, do you want one?

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