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6 Mistakes to avoid when Making a Scrambled Egg

 You may be thinking to yourself: “Anyone can scramble an egg!”, and that's mostly true, but even s simple recipe can be done to perfection. For instance, did you know there are 6 major mistakes when making scrambled eggs? By avoiding these 6 mistakes, you’ll find that the old plain dish can easily become a mouthwatering one.

1. Adding too much cream and milk

When using high-quality eggs, you don’t need to add milk or cream to the egg mix. What they do is make the eggs creamier, and unless you like it, there’s no reason for it. You can use butter for the pan, but if you want to go healthy and truly delicious – use olive oil instead.

2. Using a cast iron pan

You’re probably using a cast iron pan, but it’s time for a change. The trusty old cast iron needs copious amounts of oil to prevent food from sticking to it, and when it sticks (which happens often) the food won't cook evenly. A nonstick pan will save you on oil and scrubbing, and will assure that your egg is cooked to perfection.

Scrambled Eggs

3. Cooking the eggs on high heat

If you want scrambled eggs done right – never use high heat. The best way is to use low heat even if it does take a little more time. This way you have control of how cooked the eggs are and what consistency they’re at.

4. Cracking eggs directly into the pan

For the best results, crack the eggs into a bowl, and then whisk them until the white and yolk have perfectly combined. Adding the egg before whisking it will leave you with specks of eggwhite and yolk that did not combine (unless that’s what you like).

Scrambled Eggs

5. Overcooking the eggs

If you want your eggs to remain succulent and avoid drying them out, remember that they keep cooking even after you turned off the heat. If you leave the eggs in the pan – they’ll dry out, so as soon as they’re ready (they still look wet but not runny), move them to a plate.

6. Using old eggs

Eggs taste the best within their first week, and they also retain more moisture and can absorb spices much better. Older eggs will taste blander and feel drier, so unless you’re going to cook them all in one week, don’t get too many. 

Scrambled Eggs
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