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What Extreme Cold is All About - Fascinating Video!

It's cold up there in North Canada, as those of you living anywhere around there are sure to agree. In this video, a very nice girl will show you what happens to hot water in temperatures under -30 degrees celsius. They seem to just evaporate! The sight is quite amazing. If you're a science lover and would like to know exactly why this happened, look below the video for an explanation. 


When water is exposed to degrees below a certain point, its molecules start slowing down more and more, until they group together into larger ice crystals. Larger to them but tiny to the human eye. This happens more quickly when the water is hot because the high energy level, when exposed to extreme cold, causes the forming of the crystals that much faster. Then what happens is that the hot water, when thrown out of the electric kettle, immediately become a group of  ice crystals that to us look like crude mist. So it freezes, but then, because of the dry air they have in those parts, the crystals evaporate. If the weather was more humid, they would remain little ice crystals.

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