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7 DIY Ways to Make Your House Smell Better

 Most of us spend a lot of time indoors, at home or at work, and there is no reason why you should deny yourself clean and good smelling air just because of that. While there are many industrial and chemical air fresheners, they are often too overpowering and smell too artificial. Luckily, there are many natural ways to make your house smell amazing, and you can do them all by yourself!

Make your own scented candles

DIY smell

It's really easier than most people think. Start by melting wax from unused candles or wax you got at the local craft store. You can do it by using a double layered broiler or with a microwave, using a micro-safe container. During that time glue a sturdy piece of string or a store bought candle wick to the bottom of a glass or a bowl.

Once the wax is melted quickly mix in coffee beans, vanilla, cinnamon pieces, mint leaves, or whatever it is you want your candle to smell like. Pour the mixture into your bowl while holding the candle wick up. Hold it up for about a minute until the wax thickens and your candle is ready!

If you want to get really creative, you can use a sliced pumpkin or similar objects as your candle base. Not only is this much better looking, but it will also add more amazing smells to your house.

DIY smell

Use multiple scented candles

If you have a large house than one candle won't really do the job. It can be a candle you made yourself or ones you bought, the important thing is to experiment with many kinds. You'll be surprised how fun it can be to encounter a different smell each time you enter another room. 

Make a herbal fire starter

DIY smell

The next tip is great for people with a fireplace or a wood operated oven in their house. It's also a great idea for something to take with you when you are going camping, or just enjoying a relaxed night by a fire.

To make these herbal fire starters you will need coffee filters and a variety of dry spices and herbs. Just to give you a general example of what works best, I often use dried orange and apple peels, lavender, sprigs of rosemary and cinnamon. Stuff the coffee filters with a handful of the mixture and use a needle and thread to sew the top opening closed. If you're not that good with sewing you can just tie the top with a string. Throw it in the fire and enjoy, it’s that simple.

Grow natural air fresheners

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Plants are the air fresheners of nature, they produce oxygen and also remove toxins and particulate matter from the air. Your garden isn’t the only place you can grow these plants, and you won't believe the difference a lavender, a thyme, or a mint in your living room can make. Stroke or gently brush the leaves to release their fragrance into the room. Also, remember that a nice flower bouquet is one of the best things to have around the house, for both the looks and the smells.

Make a scented home humidifier

DIY smell

This is a simple and ingenious way to mimic the smells of great home cooking without actually do any cooking. Take a small pot or a saucepan and fill it half way with water. Throw in things like cinnamon sticks, citrus peels, olive oil, basil or nutmeg. You just need to boil the water and your whole house will be filled with an amazing smell in no time. Have fun experimenting with different ingredients and different smells, you'll be amazed how effective this method can be.  

Make a reed diffuser

DIY smell

Go to your local crafts store and pick up some reed sticks so you can make a reed diffuser with your favorite essential oils. Fill a cup with about two thirds water, and add 10 drops of essential oil or other strong fragrance liquid. Flip the reeds over every couple of hours to refresh the scent. It might not be the best solution for your entire house, but it's great for small bathrooms and dinner tables.

Make your own potpourri

DIY smell

Sure you can buy potpourri at just about any home-goods store, but it's much cheaper to just do it yourself, and you can control exactly what smells you get. Start by collecting dried materials, aromatic spices and essential oils to your liking. You can go for a spicy mixture of cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, star anise and cloves, or a red and green mixture of cranberries, fragrant evergreens and dried eucalyptus. The sky is the limit so let your imagination run wild.

Put everything into a bowl and add a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice on top. If will make a room smell fantastic for days.


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