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Scientifically Proven Ancient Beliefs.

I often get told to cheer up and smile when I'm in a bad mood, but I just sneer and carry on being grumpy. It turns out I may be in the wrong, as many "words of wisdom" that we scoff at, are actually proven by science and research. The following are all everyday beliefs and sayings you probably heard for your whole life and didn't really mind, well now it's time to take them seriously.

Life is all about friends and family.


When you look back on your life, do you wish you spent more time at work? More time watching TV? More time having fights and arguments? I'm guessing the answer is no, and it has indeed been found that the thing most people regret is not spending enough time with family and friends. So take some time and enjoy the people closest to you, time spent with loved once can be worth up to 100,000 US dollars a year in terms of life satisfaction.

Always smile.


A study at Michigan State University found that smiling can alleviate pain and improve your mood. Even if you're not feeling all too happy just bringing a smile to your face can change it. Another finding was that smiling improves the attention we get and helps people perform better on cognitive tasks.

Helping others is healthy for you.


It turns out that that helping others really is a good way to help yourself. A recent study found that the type of happiness that comes from helping others makes the human body produce more antibodies than other types of happiness. It's also a guaranteed way to make friends!

Know what you can and can't control.


The Journal of Happiness compared the life satisfaction of older adults living with assistance and those living independently. The findings prove that participants who moved into care were actually happier because they had adapted and accepted the way some things are. The lesson is simple, don’t mind and don’t suffer over what you can't control.

Outdoor work is good for you.


When you were little and got told to go get your hands dirty with some work you were actually given an important life tip. The smell of dirt you inhale when working outside can have similar effects to antidepressant drugs. In addition, a bacteria in the soil known as mycobacterium vaccae stimulates the release of extra serotonin, countering the effects of  depression.

Nature makes you happy.


Not only is the great out-doors a wonderful and beautiful place, but it's also proven that you’re happiest outside, rather than inside. A research at Oska University has found that temperature, humidity and wind speed are all things that can change how happy we are.

Support will help you flourish.


There is strength in numbers that no one can deny, and the support of a community can help you with many many things. You can find a partner for exercise, support for obesity problems and have a 50% increased likelihood of a happier life, if you have strong social relationships.

Tai chi is good for your health.


While you might think it's just a myth, is was found that T’ai Chi, and other martial arts, can have amazing health benefits. Studies have found that T’ai Chi helps to prevent and treat many age-related health problems like arthritis, low bone density and heart disease.

Meditation really is relaxing.


Scientists found that the ancient technique of meditation can rewires the brain. After only eight weeks the parts of the brain associated compassion and self-awareness grew, while parts associated with stress shrank.

Compassion is key to a happy and meaningful life.


There is a Buddhist tradition called "Metta", which means “loving-kindness. It's expressed by showing compassion towards yourself, the ones you love and all sentient beings. Studies show that those who practice “Metta"” are happier and have a deeper sense of mindfulness.

"Thanks" really is a magical word.


Not only is it polite to be thankful to each other but now, scientists think saying thanks can also help you live longer. Expressing gratitude can increase your happiness and life satisfaction as well as decrease symptoms of depression. It's hard to feel down when you keep reminding yourself about the wonderful things you have around you.

"All you need is love".


In a massive study that took place over a period of 75 years, Harvard researchers followed the lives of 268 men to try and discover what made their life worth living. The most meaningful finding was that a happy life revolves around finding and keeping love, any love. It can be love for you family, friends, pets, life partners and even that loud neighbor who makes noise at 11PM. Just love as you live, and you'll have a good happy life.

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