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3 Common Emergencies You Should Know How to Handle

I showed you how to perform CPR a while back, but there are other emergencies you should be prepared to, which will help you save the lives of loved ones and friends.

Perform the “Heimlich Maneuver” on a person who’s choking

You see it in movies and TV shows, but learning how to perform this maneuver correctly is important.

How to stop a bleeding wound

There are different kinds of bleeding, from a small open wound, to life-threatening arterial wounds. Before you start, remember to wash your hands and wear clean gloves (if you don’t have a pair, a clean plastic glove will suffice.

  1. Have the person lie down, then cover them in a blanket (bleeding causes you to lose body heat which can lead to hypothermia and shock), then elevate the part that is bleeding.
  2. Clean the wound from dirt and/or debris, but do not remove any large embedded objects.
  3. Apply pressure for 20 minutes directly to the wound. Do not check if the bleeding stopped – it can cause it to restart.
  4. If there’s too much blood, use more gauze.
  5. If the person is still bleeding, apply pressure directly to the local artery: “"Pressure points of the arm are on the inside of the arm just above the elbow and just below the armpit. Pressure points of the leg are just behind the knee and in the groin. Squeeze the main artery in these areas against the bone. Keep your fingers flat. With your other hand, continue to exert pressure on the wound itself."
  6. Once the bleeding stopped, immobilize the wounded body-part and do-not remove the bandages.

Treat a severe burn

It’s most important to remember that any severe burn must be treated by a doctor! In the event that a doctor is not immediately present, to treat the burn, use this method, as recommended by Dr. Matthew Hoffman:

“Immediately after a burn, run cool tap water over the skin for 10 minutes. Then, cool the skin with a moist compress. Don't put ice, butter or anything else directly on the burned skin. Clean the skin gently with mild soap and tap water. Take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil]) for pain. Simple burns involving only the very surface of the skin do not need dressings.”

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