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Get Up Close & Personal With Nature's Power!

Humanity has achieved much in a short period of time. We build cities, invented amazing machines and even went to space, but we have to remember that in the end, nature can be so much more powerful! These 3 videos are a great example of nature’s incredible power.

The Tavurvur Volcano Eruption - Papua New Guinea (August, 2014)

Tavurvur: an active volcano on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea.  In 1994, an eruption of the volcano largely destroyed the nearby town of Rabaul. Mount Tavurvur is the most active volcano in Rabaul caldera, and erupted most recently on Friday, 29 August 2014.

A collapse of an Arctic Glacier – The Arctic (November 2013)

While filming a documentary about polar bears for the BBC, Steve Leonard and Jason Roberts sailed a small boat near a glacier. With small chucks breaking off, they decided to move away when all of a sudden, the whole glacier collapsed.

The Chelyabinsk Meteor – Russia (February, 2013)

On 15 February 2013, the Chelyabinsk Meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere over northern Russia. The light from the meteor was brighter than the Sun and was observed over a wide area of the region. Eyewitnesses also felt intense heat from the fireball. The meteor exploded in mid-air, with a force of nearly 20-30 times more than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

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