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Game: Help This Adorable Panda Get His Oranges

The object of the game is to get the orange to the Panda, sounds simple enough, no? Use your brain to move the orange around the screen, avoid obstacles and collect stars for extra points! I played this game for hours!


The Object of the game is to get the ornage to the Panda.

To start - Press the PLAY button.
Yellow levels are accessible, when you beat a new one - the next one will become available.
Remove the blue blocks by clicking on them

Avoid the Spikes!

Use the Planks and boxes to your advantage
Some starts have a time limit...

Snakes can be your friends - If the orange is by a snake, click the snake to send it flying!

Trampolines will bounce your orange
This button opens up the menu 
This button will reset the stage
The note button turns the music on/off
Tthe speaker turns the sound effects on/off

Psst! If you're stuck on a level and don't know what to do, click HERE.

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