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Eight Dancing Competitions You Must See!

Professional dancing competitions are not only a lot of fun, but in certain places, they can be a very highly acclaimed affair, with extremely talented dancers showing amazing dance moves you've never seen!

The Hip Hop Dance International Championship

The international Hip Hop Championship was established in 2002 and focuses on break dancing, also known as B-Boying. The organization contributes to various tv shows such as 'America's Best Dance Group. Dancers can compete individually or in groups.

The Blackpool Dance Festival

The Blackpool Dance Festival is the most prestigious and famous of the salon dancing competitions. It was established in 1920 in the winter gardens of Blackpool, England. The festival focuses on salon and South American dances including: Tabgi, The Valse, slow Foxtrot, Quick-step, Samba, Romba and more..

Juste Debout Festival

This is street dancing festival established in France in 2002. The 'Just Upright' festival focuses on the new styles of hip hop, house and break dance. The best events in the festival are the duel-like competitions that pitch one dancer against the other.

World Irish Dancing Championship

This is the most prestigious competition in the world for step dancing. There are various styles to go with the genre and they can be classified by 'hard' show or 'soft' Shoe. Professional dancers are expected to be familiar with at least 2-3 different styles.

The United Dance Organization

This organization was established in Britain in 2002 and already includes more than 30,000 dancers from around the world. They come from every age, ability and background, and are invited to participate in the competitions the organization holds. Today this organization is identified with the leading street dancing competitions in Britain and Europe.

Braun Battle Of The Year

A competition that started in 1990 in Germany as a break dance competitions for groups. Today the competition usually takes place in France.

World Dancesport Championships

The World Dance Championship is recognized by the international Olympic committee as the internationally adhered dance organization. The federation was established in 1957 and holds competitions around the world.

IDO - World Step Dance Championship

Established in 1981 in Florence, Italy, today this organization represents over 250,000 dancers over six continents, and holds competitions all around the globe.

Edited by: Shai Kuritzky

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