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You Can Use Google for a Lot More Than Just Searching…

Google is an extremely popular search engine that most of us use in order to find information and sites around the internet. But the vast amounts of data that Google has access to also give it some other amazing "powers" to help us do things faster than ever before, even things you didn’t know you wanted to do! Here are some of my favorite "Google tricks", essential for anyone who wants to use the site to its full potential:   

Google can calculate your tip:


If you are at a restaurant and you are not sure about the right amount to tip just ask Google! Take out your smartphone and search for “tip calculator” in Google. The tip calculator will appear and help you work out your tip.

Look up Holidays and "special days":


Type in an important day or date and Google will automatically tell you when it is occurring and give you a brief description of what it’s all about.

Find out when a movie is coming out:


Just search for the name of the movie and the words "release date". Google will have the answer in a second, plus some information about the movie.

Get the full schedule of your favorite show:


Just type the shows name and "episodes".

Find more things done by your favorite artists:


Search for "songs by: (artist name)".

And if you are in the mood for something more relaxing this will also work with books by your favorite authors:


Use it to plan a romantic date with the sun:


Google can give you the exact time of sunrise and sunset in your city by searching its name and the words "sunrise" or "sunset".

Make Google tilt:


As a cute little practical joke you can make Google tilt by searching for that word.

Google can show you the etymology of words:


Etymology is the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. It’s a handy little tool if you want to find out more about the meaning and the souse of a word. Just search the word you're interested in and "etymology".

Google can help you eat right:


Typing "food A" vs "food B" will give you a calorie comparison of the two.

The "Google Time Machine":


Just type “Google in 1998” in the search bar and your back to the glorious ’90s.

Look up your flight:


A great and fast way to look up a flight status, just enter its name in Google.

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