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Joke Today: Men Can Be Stubborn!

Four members of the clergy had a theological argument, with the three male ministers siding against the female minister.

The woman prayed, "Lord, I know I'm right. Please send us a divine sign to prove it."

A big storm cloud materialized, and there was a clap of thunder, "See," said the woman. "It's a sign from above."

The three clergymen disagreed, saying thunder is a common phenomenon.

"Dear Lord," the woman prayed, "I need a bigger sign."

This time a bolt of lightning slammed into a tree.

"See! I told you I was right," the woman said.

But the men insisted nothing had happened that couldn't be explained by natural causes.

"Help me, Lord," the woman implored.

And a deep voice came from the heavens: "SSSHHHEEE'S RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!"

The woman turned to the three clergymen and asked, "Well?"

"Okay, okay," they said. "But it's still three against two."

Image by Christian Meyn / freedigitalphotos.net

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