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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Loved Ones From Falling

Falls can be one of the bigger risks in an older adult's life. As a result of falling, many older individuals may suffer serious injury or even death. If there is someone older that you care about, show them these important tips to prevent them from falling.

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In the living room:

  • Eliminate any electrical cords or wire that may run across the floor. Rearrange the lighting and electronics so that they are out of the pathways.
  • Another big trip hazard is clutter. If there is a low-lying coffee table or a pile of magazines, make sure that they are out of the walkway.
  • If you have throw rugs make sure they have non-slip backing or are placed out of high-traffic areas where someone may slip.
  • Lastly, the room should be well-lit to avoid any potential accidents or falls.

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In the kitchen:

  • If frequently used items are on high shelves, rearrange them so that they are easier to reach. When an older individual reaches up, it is easier for them to lose their footing, which in turn could cause a serious fall.
  • Make sure that the kitchen floor is well protected against slipping. If water or liquid were to spill on the floor, make sure that you clean it up immediately or place a rug over it to prevent slipping.

In the stairwell:

  • The lights above stairs are usually dim, but make sure that you provide extra lighting for getting up and down the stairs. Make sure you check for shadows that may cause an older person to become visually confused.
  • If you only have one handrail on your staircase, support your loved one from the other side. It is ideal for older individuals to climb the stairs with two.
  • You're better off with carpeted stairs because they aren't as slippery. If you don't have carpeted stairs, consider putting them in, or purchasing non-slip treads.


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In the bedroom:

  • Lighting is the most important safety precaution in the bedroom. Make sure that a light is within the person's easy reach, so they don't have to walk around in the dark to find it.

In the bathroom:

  • Does their restroom have grab bars. This is important for much older people in order to prevent their falls.
  • Can the shower floor be slippery? If this is the case you should look into purchasing them a non-slip mat for the bath. This will give them better traction and prevent an unlikely slip.

Most importantly, make sure that the person you care about feels comfortable and at home, no matter what changes you make to help prevent their falls.

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