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Joke Today: Lucky Number 5!

I was walking down the street a few days ago I happened upon my good friend Tim. I waved him over and told him I had the craziest dream the other night.
Tim listened as I told him that the dream consisted of just one thing. A huge, bright, number -5-. It was made of gold and shined like the sun. Tim's eyebrows went up with curiosity. I continued to tell him that the first thing I did that day was to look up the local horse racing track contenders.

Tim raised an eyebrow. I told him that the number 5 contender in the 5th race was named "The Fifth Element." Tim started grinning. Then I told him of what I did to make sure I get my luck working in my favor.

I ate 5 bowls of cereal for breakfast and drank 5 cups of orange juice

I went for a 5 mile jog to feel good.

I spent 5 minutes in the shower washing off.

I dressed in the 5th shirt I found.

I sat in my car for 5 minutes before beginning to drive, then I drove to the racetrack and parked in the 5th stall in the 5th row.

I entered through the 5th admissions gate and bought 5 programs.

I went to the 5th betting window and bet $555 on the 5th horse in the 5th race.

I went and sat in the 5th row of the bleachers making sure there were 5 people sitting on both sides of me.

I settled in and waited for the race to start.

"Well," said Tim. "Did your horse win??!?"

I frowned at Tim and said, "Stupid horse came in 5th."

Image by Sturat Miles / freedigitalphotos.net

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