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Sketch N` Paint - Be Your Own Artist!

Ever feel like just picking up a pen and doodling something, see where the muse takes you?  That is the idea behind this virtual sketch pad that will allow you to make anything from simple line doodles to beautiful drawings. You have an array of tools that, unlike the tools on the windows paint program, will let you control the artistic aspects of your drawing. So bookmark this sketch pad and let your creativity flow!

Please see instructions underneath the sketch pad.

1. Options (brush tool):

Here we can choose between 4 types of brushes:

 - A soft brush with indefinite lines.

 - A hard brush that creates clear lines.

 - A brush on its side that creates thick lines.

 - A shaky brush that creates a shaky line.
2. Fade: The fade option allows us to change the opaquness of the line. Fade out will cause the line to fade the more it is used. Fade in is the opposite, with the line starting transparent and getting more opaque.

3. Pressure: The more pressure, the stronger the line.

4. Diffusion: The line becomes a spray.

5. Edge Dirt: Determines how accurate our line is and how many markings it leaves around.

6. Scatter: The scatter brush scatters paint in droplet form.

7. Shake: The line will look shakier.

8. Rotation: The more rotation in our brush, the smoother the line.

9. Dryness: A tool that allows us to play with the amount of brush 'wetness'.

TIP: If you don't know what the right-side buttons do, just hover over them with your mouse and the function will appear.

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