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Recycling Used Electronics with Creative Style!

Advancements in technology and computers happen today at an incomparable pace to our level of progress just 10 short years ago. Updates and improved products are added right and left, and it is only natural for us to be attracted to the new.

When it comes to telephones, televisions and computers, technological progress is extraordinary, causing many of us to hoard these old electronics goods in a closet or a garage, or even throw them in the trash. Yet these older (and not necessarily outdated) goods can be recycled, reused or even donated in a slew of creative ways.

Here are just a few ways that you can reused or donate old electronics.

1. Sell it on eBay!

When you're determined to upgrade or purchase a new device, a great way to recycle the old one and make a profit on the way is to sell your used electronics online. Some of the most popular re-selling sites are eBay and Amazon, where millions of people buy and sell a plethora of new and used goods each day.

cat bed

Cat Bed Made from a Computer

For those without the patience to track the item's progress on eBay, there are buy back sites like eBay Instant, Gazelle, Nextworth, Trade2Save and uSell among others that will purchase your used electronics ahead of time if they are in good enough condition.

2. Reuse Creatively!

Although to most of us, electronics feel like one unbreakable puzzle piece, there are a number of different ways to reuse old electronics efficiently. You can use your old phones as audio players or gaming devices, alarm clocks or even Skype phones. Old tablets can be used as digital picture frames or as a reminder chart. You can even empty an old computer of all its components and make it into a napping area for your pet! Here are some other creative ideas on how to revamp and recreate your electronics.

                earrings                  aquarium


3. Donate to Charity!

Your old electronics can suddenly become the pathway to your next good deed! Although the technology may not live up to your standards, there are endless shelters, schools, prisons and small businesses that would be grateful to have your used stuff. There are even certain programs that will take your used goods and redistribute them all around the world to people who need them most, and some of them have never even seen a computer!

4. Recycle

Tossing old electronics into the garbage can result in serious health risks due to the heavy chemicals that are used to make the product. When you have exhausted all other options (including visiting a refurbisher who will take apart and sell individual parts), you can look up the policy in your town for recycling electronics and batteries. Electronics recycling is, however, not available everywhere, so it is best to ask your local authorities about their policy for recycling and handling used electronics.

Recycling electronics for your own use, or for others, will keep our technological karma flowing and minimize the consequences of rapid development on future generations.

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