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Care For Yourself Better With Relaxing Yoga

Yoga is a popular pastime of Western and Eastern cultures alike, which was invented as a part of a philosophy in the first millennium BCE. Today, it is practiced as spiritual ceremonies in the Hindu and Buddhist religions, but also as a relaxing form of exercise and stretching by millions others.

Yoga is a peaceful and mindful way to remain aware of your body and its needs, as well as work on flexibility and stretching that could keep you feeling better much longer. Here are some great facts on the benefits of practising yoga and the entire philosophy that surrounds it. 

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A Few Mantras To Remember - Mantras are words or groups of words that are believed by the Hindus and Buddhists to "create transformations" of the mind and spirit when they are spoken. 


A Chart of Chakras - Chakras are points on the human body that, according to Hindu beliefs, are the centers of our life force, veins, pulses and energy. In order to maximize your yoga or meditation practice, it is recommended to channel your thoughts or breath to one of these points. 


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