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This Performance Art Will Get You Thinking!

The renowned street artist known as Banksy showcased his latest masterpiece on the streets of New York City this week. With a theme to fit the scenery (or what used to be the scenery), Banksy drove a truck full of crying stuffed animals around the Meatpacking district in what he calls "The Siren of the Lambs". The project, like many of Banksy's other works, is an act of protest, representing a cry for help from the millions of animals subject to factory farming around the world.
Banksy's truck on the streets of NYC
Factory farms are where agriculture and nature meet industry, and a quick review of some stunning facts about them will make it clear as to why Banksy is conveying this poignant message. Thousands of cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs and sheep live in factory farms in conditions of intense crowding and filth, and many of them never get the chance to roam outside.
Due to these conditions, many animals die naturally of disease or trampling by other animals even before they are set to be slaughtered. One staggering statistic on dairy cows suggests that due to their living conditions, they only live up to their third lactation period, while dairy cows in nature can live up to 20 years. Also, chicken and turkeys are brutally de-beaked in order to prevent violence and fighting within the packed cages. 

With animals suffering in such a manner, it's no wonder that Banksy and millions of others worldwide protest the meat industry with such fervor. Although many may disagree with essence of the protest or feel guilty after watching, I think that Banksy wants to shed more light than blame. 
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