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An Elephant Never Forgets to Mourn - Incredible Story!

They say that an elephant never forgets, and after reading this story, you may believe it too.

Last week there was a terrible tragedy as a train derailed near the village of Matari in East India. The train hit, and killed, an elephant that was walking nearby with its herd. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurence around those parts.

However, what was more surprising was the reaction of the other elephants. About 15 elephants appeared to be mourning the loss of one of their herd, and have returned to the place of the accident. They have refused to move for the last several day, causing huge disruptions with the trains.

But that wasn't all. After a few days, the elephants seem to realise that humans were responsible for the death of their herd member, and started to attack the homes of surroudning villagers, going so far as even destroying part of a school building.


Locals have tried to frighten the elephants off with loud noises and fire crackers, but so far without success.

According to experts, elephants will routinely go back to a place where one of their herd died, trying to find them or waiting for them to come back, again and again. Even if that elephant was killed in front of them, they will put plants and bushes on it and return later, hoping to find it alive again. What is most extraordinary is the anger that these elephants showed to the human settlers. There is definitely more than just a dumb animal here. A real emotional connection, and a memory that never forgets...

Images courtesy of: dan, worradmu / freedigitalphotos.net

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