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Joke Today: A Matter of Experience!

It was a beautiful day, and at a little fish restaurant a cry suddenly goes up: "My son! My son is choking! Someone help!"

Many of the diners try all kinds of techniques, but none work and the son's face is quickly turning blue. Then a man from a nearby table stands up and says: "Don't worry, I have experience with these kinds of things."
He walks over calmly to the boy, leans down and grabs him hard in the balls. He squeezes and a fish bone comes flying out of the mouth of the child.

But he is still choking, so the man takes a step back and kicks the boy savagely in the ribs. Another bone flies out and the child can suddenly breathe. Everyone cheers and claps the man on the back as he slowly walks back to his table and sits down.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" cry the happy mother and father of the boy. "Are you a doctor?"

"No," says the man. "I work for the tax department."


Image courtesy of: digitalart / freedigitalphotos.net

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