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Beware What You Wish For - Great Joke!

Three men, for awful crimes, are sentenced to 25 years in solitary confinment. They are supplied with only food and drink. 

Before they go in, they do get to choose one thing, in any amount, they can take in with them for the 25 year duration.

The first prisoner chooses an endless supply of the finest wine. "Might as well pass the time drunk." He said.

The second prisoner asked to be locked with his wife. "Might as well have her lovely company." said he, and the loving wife agreed.

The third prisoner asked for an endless supply of cigarettes. "It's the only thing that will calm me down all these years."

They are locked inside, each with his wish.

25 years pass...

It is a day of celebration, and all gather to see what was the fate of the three imprisoned men.

They open the first prisoner's door, and immediately hundreds of wine bottles come crashing out. He himself in a corner, wasted and hardly alive.

Then they open the second prisoner's door, and a whole family steps out - babies, children and some teenagers, blinking in the new light of the world outside their cell.

Then they open the third prisoner's door, and nothing comes out but unopened packs of cigarettes. The prisoner crawls slowly through the door, holding a single, crushed cigarette in his hand. 

"Does anyone," he asks with a broken voice, "have a light?"

Image courtesy of: David Castillo Dominici / freedigitalphotos.net

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