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Quiz: Do You Know Basic Chemistry?

 Chemistry sounds like something complicated, but it is actually one of the basics of life. Every movement we take, every time we breathe, that is chemistry in action right in front of us. There is no life without chemistry (no love either!). We are taught it at school, but few hold on to even the most basic chemistry knowledge, which is a shame as it is such a fascinating branch of science. Are you ready to challenge yourself in the field of basic chemistry? Let's see how you do.
Which of these is the most abundant gas in the earth's atmosphere?
What is it called when a gas changes into liquid?
Which of these elements is a liquid at room temperature?
Hair Gel
What is sodium chloride?
A disinfectant for pools
Table salt
The active ingredient in soda drinks
Bath salt
Who invented periodic table?
Dmitri Mendeleev
Marie Curie
John Dalton
Antoine Lavoisier
Who discovered the element Radium?
Marie Curie
Alfred Nobel
Robert Boyle
John Dalton
What is the most common element in the universe?
When water freezes, it...
Water is the ONLY liquid we know of that expands when it freezes, and it does so by about 9%.
Alfred Nobel was a chemist who invented...
What will happen if you would drink dihydrogen monoxide?
Dihydrogen monoxide is water.
You'll die
What letter does NOT appear on the periodic table?
What is Dry ice?
Ice made from electrolyte water
Ice made from pure oxygen
Ice made from carbon dioxide
Ice made from nitrogen
You're Definitely Not a Chemist
girl in chemistry lab with gloved hands covering her face
Sorry, but it doesn't seem chemistry and its history is your cup of tea. Maybe you're not interested in it, which is a shame because we are all chemical creatures! Chemistry is all around us, from how we prepare our food to how we breathe, and it can be a really rewarding subject. Have a look at your mistakes below to see where you went wrong.
You have basic chemistry down
girl lifting vial in chemistry lab
You may not have aced this test but you got a respectable mark! You definitely remember some of your chemistry education from school, and so your knowledge of chemistry is about the average we see in society today. Expand your knowledge a bit by learning where you went wrong below.
You know a lot about Chemistry!
chemist looking at colored vials
You either work in the field, are a scientist or just find chemistry appealing. You've aced this chemistry and so we know that next time we better come up with harder, more challenging questions! If you'll excuse us, we're going to do just that. You have earned high scores!
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