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12 Hilarious Perfectly-Timed Shots

 Sometimes, photographers just manage to be in the right place at the right time to capture the perfect, most beautiful shot. At other times, they are also in the right place at the right time, however, the photo they manage to capture ends up being totally comical. Here are 12 of such hilarious photos.


1. That's gonna hurt!Perfect Timing
2. A photo shoot in a stream... What could possibly go wrong?Perfect Timing
3. Happy birthday to you...Perfect Timing
4. Slippery when wet...Perfect Timing
5. This poor fellow jumped too soon...Perfect Timing
6. Greetings, fellow sea creature.Perfect Timing
7. More like 2 thumbs down!Perfect Timing
8. Bubbles can be soooo much fun!Perfect Timing
9. What on Earth is going on here?Perfect Timing
10. His face says it all!Perfect Timing
11. Ninja cats in action.Perfect Timing
12. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?Perfect Timing


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