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Foods to Avoid at Restaurants

 When we decide to go out to a restaurant or a cafe to treat ourselves to dishes made by professional chefs, we want to be certain that the food that we're getting is of high quality and freshly made. Therefore, to ensure this we have posted 8 recommendations from world-famous chefs regarding what dishes you should avoid ordering in a restaurant to avoid putting a damper on your evening:
Well-Done Steaks 
World renowned American chef Anthony Bourdain says that, when restaurant workers come across a tough piece of meat that looks past its best, they have two options available to them: either throw it away, or... save it for someone who asks for a well-done steak.
Salmon Sushi 
Unfortunately, we have some bad news for lovers of salmon sushi and rolls. Chef Hank Scrampton believes that you should avoid them if they are made using freshwater species of salmon. The reason for this is because such dishes are a breeding ground for parasites. However, there is no need to panic: the processes used to freeze fish will effectively kill harmful microorganisms. Still, if you have any doubt, it's best to ask the waiter what type of salmon was used for preparing the dish: fresh or frozen?
Vegetarian Dishes 
According to an anonymous survey of chefs carried out in the US, conducted by Food Network Magazine, 15% of respondents admitted that the actual contents of vegetarian dishes in restaurants may actually not coincide with what is listed on the menu. If you're a picky vegetarian and like to remind the restaurant staff about your principles, you'd better be wary as some cooks may add some sort of meat to your salad as a way of revenge.
Iceberg Salad 
You will never see people who work in restaurants order an Iceberg Salad on their evenings out. The main reason for this is that this dish is a breeding ground for bacteria who love to live in the among the moist recesses of salad leaves. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to remove all of these harmful tenants.
Three well-known American chefs have admitted to Food Network Magazine that those slices of bread that remain uneaten keep roaming from one table to the next. Of course, they will be warmed up each time before they're served again, but this does not guarantee freshness.
Fish on a Monday 
According to Anthony Bourdain, the majority of restaurants buy their fish in the days leading up to the weekend, namely Thursdays or Fridays. Fish markets usually do not open on a weekend, and fish only remains fresh for up to three days. This means that if you decide to treat yourself to some fish on a Monday, you will either be served something very stale or something out of the freezer.


You should not order oysters in any restaurant that does not specialize in seafood. Stale oysters can cause food poisoning. Therefore, it's best to be sure that the restaurant has got them from a reliable supplier.
Non-Core Dishes 
New York chef Michael Armstrong advises everyone to only order dishes that are the restaurant's specialty. You should not expect to get anything good if you order fish at a steakhouse or pasta from a pizzeria. For one thing, the ingredients needed for those dishes are rarely ordered and end up staying in the fridge for far too long, increasing the risk of them going off.
Source: brightside
Photos: depositphotos and pixabay
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