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Who Were You in Your Past Life?

Ever since you were young, you’ve always suspected that your old soul has been on a centuries long journey. But do you have any idea what kind of person you were in your previous incarnation? Take our illuminating past life test to discover whether your previous existence was as cool as you hope!
Are you female or male?
Which are you?
A leader
A thinker
A peacekeeper
A fighter
Choose a hobby.
Playing an instrument
What do you think about authority?
If I have authority, everything is fine
It corrupts and breeds greed
I don't mind. I can always get what I need
It must be respected and obeyed
What's your opinion about religion?
It's a way of life
It can lead to giving the wrong people power
It does much good
I don't think about it
Where do you long to be, indoors or outdoors?
Which of these is closest to your thoughts about money and wealth?
Take it
Leave it
Share it
Earn it
Choose one person
Captain Hook
Mother Teresa
What do you have the greatest appetite for?
Truth and Justice
What do you value above all else?
You Were Egyptian Royalty
Your spirit was made to rule, to be seated on a princely throne with waves of dependent vassals hanging on your every word. You feel a natural thirst for power and riches and are courageous enough to do everything you can to get and keep it. You literally rule!
You Were a Pirate
Your feisty spirit can’t resist but disturb the general peace and cause all manner of riot and havoc. Everyone knows you as someone who likes a tipple or three of your favorite drink and is always up for some mischievous shenanigans with your best chums. Keep the party going!
You Were a Bard/Poetess
Your creative soul derives the utmost pleasure from all forms of poetry, music, and art. You pride yourself on your deep concern for the world around us, and you firmly place your faith in peace and absolute truth. You are fond of using natural herbs and ‘medicines’ to help steer your body and mind through life. Keep speaking the beautiful truth!
You Were a Viking
The thing that most motivates your spirit is the desire to plunder the world for all its riches. When you see someone wealthier than you, you feel the call to action and won’t stop working until you’ve got what you want. If someone else gets in the way, that’s their problem. Determination is your middle name. Don’t give up, fight the good fight!
You Were a Greek Philosopher
A curious soul, you like nothing better than reading, writing, and disputing serious fundamental matters with your companions. You spend much of your time considering deep philosophical and theological questions, wondering how to improve mankind’s lot. You exercise a tremendous influence on those around you. Don’t let the truth slip away!
You Were a Monk/Nun
Your spirit is calm, unperturbed, and at one with yourself. Eschewing the common hustle and bustle of everyday life, you instead find time to appreciate and admire the larger world around us. When you are not trying to practice a holy life, you tell people that they should place happiness, good health, and honest fun as their most important goals. Say a prayer for the world!
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