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24 Stunning 1980s Pop Classics

 The 1980s was a funny old decade, wasn't it?! The Cold War was being won, the world's major economies were booming, and the Sony Walkman came out (the less said about the fashion and haircuts the better). There's nothing that will take you back to those weird and wonderful days better than reliving some old radio classics. And this playlist contains 24 of our favorite 1980s hits. We're sure you remember most of these fondly. And the good thing now is that since cassettes are gone, you don't need to rewind anything! Enjoy!


Michael Jackson
Queen & David Bowie
Human League
Men at Work
Marvin Gaye
Depeche Mode
George Michael
Robert Palmer
Olivia Newton-John
David Bowie
A Flock of Seagulls
John Lennon
Katrina and the Waves
The Cure
Pet Shop Boys
The Bangles

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