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15 Video Guides For Chopping Fruit and Vegetables

  Perhaps one of the most important abilities you need in the kitchen are proper knife skills. The way you chop fruits and vegetables can make a big difference, not only in the way your dish will look and taste, but in how nutrients are absorbed in the body too. But, because our time is often limited, it is easy to bypass this crucial step. These videos however, will show you how to peel, chop, slice and dice 15 popular fruits and vegetables. Let's take a look: 


1. Cherry Tomatoes
This efficient chopping technique will save you a lot of time. All you need are two plates.
2. Onion
Chef Gordon Ramsay shares his simple tip on how to finely chop an onion.
3. Avocado

The soft texture of an avocado can make it pretty hard to peel and chop. But this simple technique will show you how to cut it into perfect pieces.

4. Mushrooms

Find out the right way to clean mushrooms and the many ways you can chop them.

5. Watermelon

There's an easy technique to peeling and chopping a watermelon, be it for a picnic or a salad. Take a look.

6. Eggplant
Martha Stewart shares her tips on how to slice and dice an eggplant.
7. Mango
This video illustrates the best techniques to slicing, dicing and cutting this delicious fruit.
8. Pepper
This simple technique will show you how to chop a pepper into perfect slices.
9. Cucumber
This video illustrates how to chop a cucumber neatly and quickly. The secret lies in how sturdy you hold your knife.
10. Cauliflower
There's a simple technique to chopping cauliflower the right way.
11. Cabbage
You probably think you know how to slice and dice a cabbage - until you watch this video.
12. Potatoes
Chunks, cubes, and slices of French fries - this video will teach you how to cut a potato in four different ways.
13. Pear
There's a specific technique to perfectly peeling, coring and chopping a pear. Take a look.
14. Pumpkin 
This vegetable can be pretty difficult to peel and cut through. But this easy tip will spare you the unnecessary hassle of chopping a pumpkin.
15. Pineapple
Don't get intimidated by pineapples! This video will teach you how to master it in 6 easy steps.
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