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50 is a Great Age to Become Spontaneous with Your Partner

 The age of 50 and above, known as the Golden Years are a fabulous time to work on relationships. Perhaps you'd like to get closer and more intimate with your partner, or you have more time to spend with one another. Whatever the reason, anyone over 50 will tell you that relationships get better as you age - and we'll tell you why!
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1. Self-Confidence

At 50 and above, you are the best version of yourself! You know who you are as an individual and what you seek in life. You know that you should focus on those things that are important to you. This new found self-confidence can help you to live in the moment and embrace your choices. There's less shame, less debilitating self-awareness and more good, confident self-awareness.

2. Spontaneity

Once the children have left the house, a sudden air of spontaneity and risk-taking enters your life, and even expresses itself in your love life. Whether you and your partner suddenly decide to embark on a vacation or spend a romantic evening together in bed, you have to admit that there are a number of benefits to having an empty nest.

3. No Pressure

Once you've reached a certain age, the level of pressure on your physical performance in bed disappears. It becomes more about how you feel in the moment and not about how long you can last in the sack. Having relations after 50 is more about connecting with your partner and finding out what pleasures both of you the most.

4. Leaving the Past Behind

When we are young, we tend to compare our past partners with current ones, but after 50 these competitive or even guilty feelings disappear. Today, you are able to understand your relations as a natural, intimate and even beautiful way to demonstrate your love for your partner.

5. No Worries

Once you have reached 50, worries tend to fade. This is not only true in your daily level of stress, but also in your love life. At younger ages, the tendency is to think about the meaning of making love and what implications it could have. But as we age, these considerations are no longer relevant and it's time to wave goodbye to a ticking biological clock.

intimate relationship

6. Spirituality

Believe it or not, making love can be a spiritual experience. Spiritual lovemaking is known in some cultures as 'tantric' lovemaking, which refers not only to the physical and emotion pleasure of experiencing an orgasm, but the profound and even mystical bonding that occurs when you make love. In spiritual lovemaking, two people can connect, see their souls merge, and learn more about their partner and what they enjoy. Although it may sound a bit out there, it's definitely worth a try!

7. The Orgasm

Some people claim, especially women, that after 50 it is possible to reach an orgasm more often and more easily. At an older age, the body is more sensitive during lovemaking! This makes it easier for women to orgasm faster and more powerfully than they may have in their youth. This also means that the men get a bit of a break in terms of their workload.

8. Free Time
This is a major game-changing factor in your love life. Whereas before, there were a million things rushing through your head, making it hard to focus on the passionate action at hand, once you have reached the retirement age, you have a lot more free time and a much lighter burden on your shoulders. You should use this free time to get to know your partner's wishes, desires and what makes them feel good, for it is certain that these wonderful insights will dramatically improve your time together in bed.

9. Clarity

At younger ages, lovemaking is a complicated, emotion-filled experience that is difficult if not impossible to describe. Once you reach 50, you have spent time with your spouse and know how your love life works. You now feel more comfortable in bed. After 50, you begin to realize that life is short and that it's worthwhile to take chances and let yourself go during intercourse. Your sense of clarity and balance can help skyrocket your lovemaking to new and greater heights!

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