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Guide: Clear Away Snow Quickly and Efficiently

 Many villages are beautifully transformed by a blanket of snow at this time of year. Yet, as picture perfect as they may be, snow-clearing can be a daunting task. It can injure us, damage our cars and even create problems in our home. This helpful guide will help you clear away snow quickly and efficiently: 
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1. Use the right tools and proper shoveling techniques
tips to clear snow
Prior to clearing away that snow, make sure that you are well stocked on the equipment you need: 
1. Opt for a small shovel as they are easier to lift and preferably one that has an ergonomically correct curve which would enable you to shovel without having to bend down. 
2. Use a magnesium chloride-based ice melt, in order to preserve your walkway and plants. 
3. A snow brush and an ice scraper are invaluable for brushing way light snow from delicate surfaces - like your car. 
4. If you live in an area that receives heavy snow, invest in a snow blower. 
2. How to remove snow from your roof
tips to clear snow
While roofs are made to bear a reasonable amount of snow, you rarely ever need to remove the snow from your roof. The only exception is after an unusually heavy snowfall. 
The avalanche, as depicted in the chart above, is one way to go about clearing your roof. This tool has a 16-foot-long handle called The Avalanche which allows you to remain on the ground while removing snow. It also contains a flexible plastic slide that enables the snow to slide off the roof. Though the item is a little expensive ($142) it is well worth the purchase. Alternatively you can opt for a snow rake which is far less expensive and works in a similar manner, without the plastic slide and the wheels. Though they do require more effort.
3. Clear your vehicle of snow
tips to clear snow
Using hot water to remove the snow or a shovel are two of the worst ways to clear snow from the vehicle. Hot water can cause the glass to crack, and many incorrectly believe that they can judge where to stop the shovel before hitting the vehicle. Instead you may try these effective methods:
1. For snow six inches deep or less, use a brush or a scraper to sweep it off. Start at the roof and work your way down. 
2. You may also use a plastic dust pan to clear away the snow from the vehicle.
3. Once you can get into the car, start the engine and defroster. Once the defroster has been running for five to ten minutes, clear crumbling ice from the windshield.  
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