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NEW YEAR QUIZ: What Resolution Should You Make?

When new year comes around it’s usually the time when we start to look back at the past year, and consider just how we can improve ourselves. So, to make your 2017 get off to a great start, take this quiz to find out just what new year’s resolution you should make.
Choose a word to describe the coming year.
How do you celebrate on New Year's Eve?
With lots of cheerful drinking
Spending the evening alone
A tasteful celebration
With all my favorite food
Choose one inspiring quotation.
"Every day is a second chance for...doughnuts."
"Don't do today what you can do tomorrow."
"You're the reason I check my cell phone every 5 minutes."
"Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die."
What do you want to get rid of this year?
My partner
My excuses
My waistline
What do you yearn to find in 2017?
True love
A new job
An unlimited cell phone plan
A new gym
What do you most love about the the holidays?
Giving gifts
My guilty pleasure...food!
Watching Christmas TV Specials
Choosing my New Years Resolution
One day you bump into an old friend, and you're embarrassed. Why?
Your appearance
You don't have any money
You were rude to them previously
You have nothing new to report
What most annoys you about the holidays?
That I gain to much weight
Spending so much money
Having to make resolutions
Being alone
Which of these do you spend most time doing?
Being on social media
Thinking about food
Drinking alcohol
What's the biggest challenge facing you?
Staying Healthy
Nothing in particular
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